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Advanced Additive Manuacturing

Tempus 3D provides 3D printing services customized to the manufacturing sector, offering materials and processes that are uniquely suited to the production environment.

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Your Partner in Additive Manufacturing

Tempus 3D leverages HP's industry-leading Multi Jet Fusion technology to help Canadian businesses mass-produce robust, high quality end-use plastic parts with significantly lower costs and greater design freedom than conventional manufacturing processes allow. This technology prints up to 10x faster than comparable 3D printing technology, with dimensional accuracy and repeatability that rivals injection-molding standards

Our team is dedicated to meeting our customers' unique production needs with the highest level of service and a consistently superior product, leveraging the latest technology and making the process as easy as possible.


Customer Care

Here at Tempus we understand that taking care of our customers' unique needs is just as important as producing a quality product. That is why we back up our work with a quality assurance process, IP protection, and ongoing training and optimization.

Guaranteed Quality

Tempus 3D follows strict production processes and quality inspection procedures to ensure your parts always meet our tolerance and production standards.

Manufacturing Standards

Tempus 3D guarantees that your parts will be within our manufacturing standards of +/- 0.3% with a lower limit of +/- 0.3 mm. 


Tempus 3D is certified by HP for the Multi Jet Fusion 5200  to ensure parts are designed and produced optimally for this specific printing process.

IP Protection

Tempus 3D takes IP protection seriously, with data security protection measures and confidentiality agreements with staff and production partners.

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Why use Multi Jet Fusion?

Here at Tempus 3D we use HP's Multi Jet Fusion 5200 3D printer because it is one of the most advanced 3D printing technologies on the market. This equipment is designed specifically for the production environment to mass-produce engineering-grade plastic parts with excellent mechanical properties at a low cost per part. With printing speeds up to 10x faster than comparable technologies, Multi Jet Fusion is a popular choice for functional prototyping and low-to-mid range production of end-use parts. Multi Jet Fusion is also an economical alternative to injection molding with more design freedom, shorter lead times and greater adaptability.

HP Jet Fusion certification (1) transpar

Tempus 3D takes pride in providing the best results possible. That is why every person on our team is certified by HP for Part Quality Optimization with Multi Jet Fusion technology.

Materials and finishes for Multi Jet Fusion

HP Nylon PA12 

HP Nylon PA12 is by far the most popular material for Multi Jet Fusion because of it's all-round excellent mechanical properties and affordability. It is ideal for functional prototypes and end-use applications, used in a wide variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical and consumer goods. The look, feel and mechanical properties of PA12 can also be improved with post-processing. 

Available surface finishes for Nylon PA12

HP MJF handle.jpg
Black dye

Gives an engineering grade finish with a matte look and feel.

bead blasted PA12.jpg
Mechanical smoothing

Smooth, consistent finish with no loss of dimensional accuracy.

Vapor smoothing

Smooth finish comparable to injection molded parts.

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