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Cerakote is a thin film ceramic coating which is applied to 3D printed parts and heat-treated to cure the coating onto the surface. This industry-leading coating is extremely durable, and is scratch resistant, chemical resistant, heat resistant, liquid resistant and UV resistant. When applied it is approximately 0.002" thick.


Cerakote is popular in a variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, electronics, medical devices, consumer products and defense.


Cerakote is compatible with a wide variety of 3D printed plastics including Nylon PA12 and Nylon PA12 Glass Bead.

bike-cerakoted-using-bright-white-nra-blue-and-graphite-black 2 (courtesy of Cerakote).jpg

About Cerakote

  • Hydrophobic. Cerakote repels water and prevents water absorption.


  • Scratch resistant. Cerakote adds scratch resistance to plastics to help minimize wear over time. If scratched, the adjacent coating remains in place.

  • Resistant to chemicals. Cerakote is resistant to to acids and solvents, including acetone and diesel.

  • Durable. Cerakote modifies the surface of the polymer to a harder and more durable finish and increases UV resistance.

  • Thermal barrier properties. Cerakote protects the surface from high heat exposure.

Design Considerations

Cerakote is applied while the parts are hung in commercial racks so the hanging of the parts may leave a cosmetic blemish. When ordering it is advisable to identify customer-facing surfaces or add hanging loops to the design.

Available Colors

NRA Blue (H-171P)

Gloss: Flat   Gloss units:  4

Firehouse Red (H-216P)

Gloss: Matte   Gloss units:  9

Bright White (H-140P)

Gloss: Semi Gloss   Gloss units:  49