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Composite 3D Printing Materials

Composites combine an industrial nylon base with embedded fibers to produce parts with enhanced strength, stiffness, heat resistance and durability. 

Tempus 3D uses Markforged 3D printing technology to print composite materials because it's unique printing process produces parts which are exceptionally strong and resilient, well suited to extreme environments. This printing process combines an industrial nylon with high-performance fibers to leverage the advantages of each. The fibers can be integrated in 2 ways: as chopped fiber in a nylon base to provide strength and durability, or as a continuous fiber embedded in the plastic as the part is printed. 

The base material has carbon fiber microfilaments embedded in industrial nylon to provide a high strength-to-weight ratio as well as enhance stiffness, heat resistance, and durability.  The continuous fibers inlaid during the printing process substantially improve the mechanical properties of the part, making it as strong as machined aluminum. There are several different choices of composite fiber, each with unique benefits.

Average lead time   

up to 5 business days for composite base only. Allow more time for continuous fiber and for larger volume orders.

Printer used             



Please request a manual quote for composite, as this material requires a design consultation to ensure the part conforms to your specifications.


Image courtesy of Markforged.

Ready to try composite? Use our manual quoting tool to upload your file and share your design specifications. We will review your request and get back to you within 24 hours.

Mix and match options for a custom result

Composite 3D printing allows you to choose and combine materials for results customized to your needs. A composite base (with or without fiber reinforcement) produces industry-ready parts, and continuous fibers can be added to significantly enhance material properties and customize to the end-use environment. 

Composite Base

On it's own or with embedded continuous fibers, the composite base options offer high-performance parts with mechanical properties that meet or exceed most 3D printed parts.

markforged onyx

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Onyx is nylon filled with carbon micro-fibers to print accurate, precise parts. This material is strong, tough, and resistant to chemicals. On it's own it is 1.4 times stronger and stiffer than ABS; Onyx can also be be reinforced with Continuous Fibers to create parts as strong as aluminum.  


  • Plastic Part Replacement

  • Housings

  • Sensor Mounts

  • Cosmetic Prototypes

Technical specifications

  • Build volume:   320mm x 132mm x 154 mm

  • Z-layer resolution:   100 nm - 200 nm

  • Flexural strength:   71 MPa

  • Heat deflection temperature:   145 c                                                    

Markforged Nylon

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This industrial nylon can be used alone or with continuous fiber reinforcement.  This engineering-grade thermoplastic is smooth and non-abrasive, making it ideal for ergonomic surfaces and workholding for pieces that are easily marred. It can be painted or dyed.


  • Ergonomic Tools

  • Assembly Trays

  • Cosmetic Parts

Technical specifications

  • Build volume:   320mm x 132mm x 154 mm

  • Z-layer resolution:   100 nm - 200 nm

  • Flexural strength:   50 MPa

  • Elongation at break:   150%

  • Heat deflection temperature:   145 c

note: Nylon is not currently kept in stock, allow ~1 week for ordering. See Multi Jet Fusion PA12 for an industrial strength nylon with excellent mechanical properties.

Continuous Fiber

Continuous fibers can be printed into a composite base like Onyx to dramatically increase it's physical properties including strength, stiffness and heat resistance. The addition of the fibers can be customized to optimize the part for specific applications. 

Carbon fiber parts 3D pritend with Markforged technology

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Carbon Fiber


Carbon Fiber filament is the strongest of the continuous fiber options. It's strength to weight ratio is 50% better than 6061 aluminum, the tensile modulus is 60 GPa, and it is 24 times stiffer than ABS.


  • High strength-to-weight ratio

  • Ideal for constant loading applications

  • Remains stiff until fracture

  • Lightweight

  • Similar stiffness to metal



  • High-Strength Tools & Fixtures

  • Brackets & Mounts

  • Inspection/CMM Fixturing

  • Bespoke End-Use Parts

  • Functional Prototypes

Technical specifications

  • Flexural strength:   540 MPa

  • Flexural stiffness:   60 GPa

Kevlar parts 3D pritend with Markforged technology

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Kevlar is extremely tough and shock resistant, and has much greater elasticity than the other continuous fiber options. It is ideal for parts that are subject to repeated or sudden impact, such as clamping or stamping.  When it fails it will bend until deformation, rather than break like the other continuous fiber options. 


  • Tough & impact resistant

  • Ideal application is high impact areas

  • Bends until failure, rather than breaking

  • High deflection properties


  • End-of-Arm Tooling

  • Stanchions, Cradles, & Supports

  • Delrin Part Replacements

  • Wear Stops

Technical specifications

  • Izod impact (notched):   2000 J/m  (in Onyx base)

Fiberglass parts 3D pritend with Markforged technology

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Fiberglass continuous fiber is a sturdy, all-purpose fiber that is the most affordable of the continuous fiber options. Fiberglass is 3 times stronger and 11 times stiffer than ABS, and performs best under intermittent loading.


  • Sturdy

  • Best under intermittent loading

  • Bends until fracture

  • Good all-purpose, cost-effective fiber


  • Softjaws

  • Medium-Strength Tooling

  • Insulative Reinforcement

  • Hand Tools

Technical specifications

  • Flexural strength:   200 MPa (in Onyx base)

  • Flexural stiffness:   22 GPa (in Onyx base)

Ready to try composite? Share your design specifications using our custom quoting tool, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

All uploads are secure and confidential. 

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