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Prepare your 3D CAD model

The process starts with a 3D model of your part. Our auto quoting tool accepts IGES, OBJ, STP, and STL files. Other file types can be submitted by requesting a custom quote.


Please refer to our design guidelines to learn how to optimize your part for Tempus 3D's printing processes. 

Get your quote

Upload your 3D CAD files through our automated quoting tool. You can upload multiple files through our drag-and-drop interface. View instant pricing for different parameters including materials, finishes, and turnaround time. Need help or have a special request? Submit a manual quote to get the process started. We will have a response to you within 24 hours.

Order online

Review your order, fill out billing and shipping information, and pay online through our instant checkout. Once your order is submitted your parts are automatically added to the production schedule. Our certified technicians will review your part for manufacturability and get back to you if there are any design considerations that may help optimize your file for 3D printing.

Shipping and tracking

After parts are complete the manufacturing information is confirmed, parts are packaged, and orders are sent through your selected shipping method. 


Ready to order?

A shout-out from a satisfied customer...


Left of Center needed production ready 3D printed parts. We had printed parts using traditional PLA but the parts we not dimensionally as accurate as we needed, and the strength was just not high enough.


We talked with Robert at Tempus 3D. He explained the process they use and showed us some of the parts they have printed. It was exactly what we needed to solve our problem.

We were extremely impressed at how easy and quick the quote process was. There were different prices depending on how fast we needed the part.


Tempus 3D delivered the parts on time and for the quoted price. The parts are being tested in production and they look great. I encourage you to use Tempus 3D for any print project that require quick accurate and strong parts.


                      -  Chris Kent, Left of Center Design

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