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How strong are parts 3D printed with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology?

How strong can a 3D printed part really be? HP put this question to the test by lifting a 1995 Avalon with a 3D printed chain link using HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology. The chain was printed in under an hour and weighs just 0.25 pounds. check out this video to see how it performed.

How was a 3D printed part able to support that much weight? the secret is in the printing process. HP Multi Jet Fusion technology works by laying down thin layers of materials then fusing them together to create a single strong and precise piece. In fact, that chain link is capable of lifting up to 10,000 pounds - far more than your average Avalon. With new 3D printing processes, businesses are able to achieve higher levels of productivity, quality, and improved economics—while also enabling faster development cycles and differentiating offerings from their competitors.

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