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Together, we can create a world driven by innovation.

Our mission is to empower companies to accelerate their product development and access affordable manufacturing for low-to-mid-volume production of end-use parts. We do this by providing industry-leading 3D printing technology, exceptional customer support and an in-depth knowledge of additive manufacturing.

This mission statement is the driving force behind the dedicated team at Tempus 3D. Everyone at Tempus shares a passion for creating, inventing, innovating in order to change our community for the better.   

Our Values

Meaningful Innovation.

We create value through technology, using industry-leading equipment to support you in designing next-generation products and transform the way you do business.

Results-Driven Co-Creation.

We collaborate with you to create solutions to drive results. Merge your experience and creativity with our knowledge and expertise of 3D printing.

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Transparent Integrity.

We build trust and long-term relationships based on mutual respect, openness, honesty and reliability.

Passionate People.

We invest in people because they are the cornerstone of our success. Trained to industry standards, inspired by our mission and curious by nature, they go the extra mile.

Sustainable Quality.

We ensure quality in everything we do. As customer needs and technologies evolve, we improve to remain relevant over time.

On-Time and On-Spec.

One of the unique benefits of additive manufacturing is rapid production of quality parts. We are committed to ensuring you are able to meet your development goals quickly, easily and accurately.


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