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Custom Plastic 3D Printing Service

3D print custom plastic parts with excellent material properties with a high level of precision and durability. 

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Guaranteed consistently high-quality 3D printed prototypes and production parts

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Tempus 3D offers a selection high-performance plastics for functional prototyping and end-use partsOur technology of choice is the HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printer because of it's ability to produce parts with fine detail and excellent material properties, with a production speed up to 10x faster than comparable technologies. As HP Certified Production Professionals, Tempus 3D can provide consistently high-quality parts, guaranteed.

3D Printed Plastic

Strong, detailed, low-cost quality parts - Nylon PA12 3D print material

Nylon PA12

HP Multi Jet Fusion 

Strong, detailed, low-cost quality parts

Produce strong, functional, detailed complex parts. Ideal for a wide range of applications from industrial parts to durable consumer goods. This is our top seller for affordability and balance of all-round material properties.

Stiff, dimensionally stable, quality parts - Nylon PA12 glass bead GB - 3d print materials

Nylon PA12 Glass Bead

HP Multi Jet Fusion 

Stiff, dimensionally stable, quality parts

Filled with 40% glass microparticles to give stiffness and stability while maintaining the excellent material qualities of HP Nylon PA12. Ideal for stiff, functional parts like enclosures and housings, fixtures and tools. 

Flexible, durable, rubber-like parts - BASF TPU 3D print plastic material


HP Multi Jet Fusion 

Flexible, durable, rubber-like parts

An excellent choice for parts requiring high shock absorbtion, elasticity, and energy return. It has many applications including car interior components, industrial tools, pipes, grippers, orthopedics and sports protection equipment.

Strong, ductile, functional parts - Nylon PA12 plastic 3d print material

Nylon PA11

HP Multi Jet Fusion 

Strong, ductile, functional parts

Strong and flexible quality parts. Excellent chemical resistance and enhanced elongation-at-break. Ideal for a wide range of applicaitons including prostheses, sports goods, snap fits, living hinges, and more.

Polypropylene HP Multi Jet Fusion 


HP Multi Jet Fusion 

Chemical and moisture resistance

High elasticity, low moisture absorbtion, and high elongation at break. An excellent choice for anything that needs to be light, water-tight, and durable. Excellent for piping, fluid systems, and watertight containers. 

Engineering-grade white nylon parts - Nylon PA12 white 3d print material

Nylon PA12 White

HP Multi Jet Fusion 

Engineering-grade white nylon parts

HP Nylon PA12 White is an engineering-grade plastic which has very similar material properties to the original HP Nylon PA12. The white color makes it easier to dye or paint the pieces in light, bright colors.

HP Multi Jet Fusion full color 3D print Nylon

Nylon PA12 Full Color

HP Multi Jet Fusion 

Strong, functional, full-color parts

Produce engineering-grade parts that combine excellent material properties of Nylon PA12 with full CMYK color. Commonly used for presentation models, consumer goods, jigs, fixtures, and medical devices.

HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D print industrial plastic material choice
Material Selection Guide

Not sure which material is the best fit for your project? Use our materials selection guide to compare the properties and best uses of each.


3D printed plastic parts can be used straight out of the printer, or undergo additional treatment to enhance the look, feel, or functionality of the part. Tempus 3D's industry-standard finishes are certified for use with 3D printed plastics, and are expertly applied either in-house or by certified industry specialists.

Cerakote Red on Airforce Velocity Nylon PA12 Snowmobile part 3D printed with HP Multi Jet
Bucket of insoles printed with HP JF 5200 3D and HP 3D HR PA 12 - Data courtesy of Footwor
vapro fuse bicycle seat (Courtesy of AMT)_edited_edited.jpg
HP Certification
Aerodynamic wing PA 12 - Data courtesy of Addit·ion - reduced size.jpg

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