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HP Digital Manufacturing Network
Production Professional

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Tempus 3D is proud to be a qualified member of
HP's Digital Manufacturing Network.

As an HP Digital Manufacturing Network Production Professional, Tempus 3D has been evaluated and qualified based on our end-to-end 3D printing capabilities for production at scale, as well as our manufacturing and quality processes.

As one of a select few service bureaus in Canada to be selected as a  partner, we offer leading-edge HP 3D printing technology. This technology is designed to manufacture parts that are extremely strong, highly accurate, and with a surface finish that makes them ideal for mechanical testing and production manufacturing.

Our production team is fully certified in part quality optimization, and ready to support you through the prototype-through-production process quickly,  cost-effectively and with consistent tolerances.
Advanced Additive Manufacturing Processes
Industry-Standard Certifications
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Robust Quality Management
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Volume Job Production

Gain a Competitive Advantage with
HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D Printing 

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Learn more about HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology. 

Aerodynamic wing printed with HP JF 5200 3D and HP 3D HR PA 12 - Data courtesy of Addit·io

Explore the unique uses and benefits of MJF materials.


Explore design tips and strategies for Multi Jet Fusion. 

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