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3D Printing Services and plastic manufacturing near Edmonton

Guaranteed quality prototypes and production parts, using industry-leading additive manufacturing technology. Online quote and ordering.

3D Printing Services

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Serving innovators in Edmonton and beyond

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Industrial 3D Printing

Tempus 3D specializes in mass-producing high-quality, affordable prototypes and end-use plastic parts using cutting-edge technology designed for the production environment. With online quoting and a certified production team, we get your parts to you on-time and on-spec.
Upload your CAD file for an online quote for 3D printing services near Edmonton
Upload your CAD file for an online quote 
Parts are printed to your specifications with additive manufacturing near Edmonton
Parts are printed to your specifications
Your order is inspected and shipped to you with quality assurance for Edmonton 3D print services
Your order is inspected and shipped to you

3D Printing Materials 

manufacture high-quality plastics with Edmonton 3d printing services

Tempus 3D uses industry-leading 3D printing technology to manufacture high-quality plastics suitable for every stage of the manufacturing process, from functional prototypes to end-use parts. All materials are produced by certified HP Multi Jet Fusion Production Professionals. Not sure which material is suitable for your project? Use our Material Selection Guide to get started.

Surface Finishing / Post Processing

Once your parts are printed they are ready to use as-is, or additional finishing can be applied to enhance the look, feel, or performance of the part.

parts are ready to be used out of the 3D printer with a raw finish on 3D printed industrial plastics – serving Edmonton
Raw Finish

Parts have a raw finish after they are taken out of the printer and cleaned. They are ready to use as-is, or can have additional surface finishing. 

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Black Dye for 3D printed plastic parts – Edmonton plastic manufacturing
Black Dye

Black dye is often used on it's own or in combination with other finishes such as Vapor Smoothing. 

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Cerakote ceramic coating for 3d printing industrial nylon plastic parts – Edmonton

Cerakote is a thin film ceramic coating which is applied to 3D printed parts to improve look, feel and wear resistance. 


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Vapor Smooth 3D printed plastic parts with AMT Post Pro - Edmonton commercial 3D printing and manufacturing
Vapor Smooth

Vapor Smoothing uses AMT PostPro technology to give your parts a beautiful look while also improving color uniformity. 


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Easy Online Quote and Ordering

Accelerate your innovation with Tempus 3D's easy online quote and ordering service. Flexible pricing includes bulk discount and rapid delivery options. 

Upload your files

Upload your CAD files and select your material and production time.


Get a quote

Our online quote system incudes variable pricing for bulk orders and rapid delivery.


Order online

Review your quote and complete the order online to get your parts into production.


Parts are shipped

Your parts are inspected for quality control, then delivered to your door.

Easy Online Quote and Ordering – get a quote for 3D print service in Edmonton
HP Multi Jet Fusion for rapid prototyping and low-to-mid volume manufacturing – Edmonton

Our Technology

Here at Tempus 3D our primary 3D printing technology is HP's Multi Jet Fusion 5200. This industry-leading technology is one of the most popular choices for rapid prototyping and low-to-mid volume manufacturing because of it's unique advantages over comparable 3D printing and manufacturing processes.


HP Multi Jet Fusion is designed specifically for the production environment to mass-produce engineering-grade plastic parts with excellent mechanical properties at a low cost per part. With printing speeds up to 10x faster than comparable technologies, Multi Jet Fusion is a popular choice for the transition between prototyping and mass production of end-use parts. This technology is also an economical alternative to injection molding with more design freedom, shorter lead times and greater adaptability.

Proud to be a Certified HP Digital Manufacturing Partner 

3D printing and 3D scanning services for Edmonton - manufacturing plastic parts and prototypes

3D Scanning Services 

Work with our metrology experts to streamline your projects and achieve precise, high-quality results

Tempus 3D uses advanced 3D scanning technology and software to help you achieve precise results for your reverse engineering, metrology and computer aided inspection requirements. We can provide you with editable, feature-based CAD models, graphically-rich, communicative reports, or we can 3D print the final parts or prototypes for you once they are ready to build.

"3D printing has revolutionized manufacturing, enabling companies of any size or industry to develop, iterate and distribute goods more efficiently. We are seeing the global manufacturing paradigm shift due to the growing adoption of 3D printing for production of final parts and R&D, particularly given the ability to use 3D printing to meet the increasing demand for personalization and customization".

- Ramon Pastor (VP & GM 3D Printing, HP)

Success Stories

Learn how industrial 3D printing has helped innovators meet their product development goals
Tempus 3D manufactures prototypes for Airforce - 3D printing service for Edmonton

Alberta-based Airforce Velocity Stacks needed to design and test a throttle body and was looking for a local manufacturer to collaborate with on the project. Airforce collaborated with Tempus 3D to create a prototype robust enough to test in real-world conditions and achieve their development goals, quickly and affordably.

Airforce Velocity Stacks
Guaranteed Quality 3D print services for Edmonton and beyond. HP Certified.

Customer Care

Here at Tempus we understand that taking care of our customers' unique needs is just as important as producing a quality product. That is why we back up our work with a quality assurance process, IP protection, and ongoing training and optimization.

Guaranteed Quality

Tempus 3D follows strict production processes and quality inspection procedures to ensure your parts always meet our tolerance and production standards.

Manufacturing Standards

Tempus 3D guarantees that your parts will be within our manufacturing standards of +/- 0.3% with a lower limit of +/- 0.3 mm, when designed in accordance with our design guidelines. Need advice? We are always happy to help.


Tempus 3D is certified by HP for the Multi Jet Fusion 5200  to ensure parts are designed and produced optimally for this specific printing process.

IP Protection

Tempus 3D takes IP protection seriously, with data security protection measures and confidentiality agreements with staff and production partners.

Join the Manufacturing Revolution with Tempus 3D

Upload your CAD file for an online quote and start manufacturing today

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