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3D Printing Resources

Explore our latest news, case studies and articles to learn how to maximize the benefits of industrial 3D printing with Tempus 3D.

industrial plastic with Nylon PA12 and cerakote.jpg
High performance racing applications of 3D printing and 3D scanning

Lawn mower racing enthusiast Kierra Cates needed an edge for an upcoming race, and approached Tempus 3D for a solution. The team at Tempus used 3D scanning and 3D printing to design a high-performance air intake able to withstand the abuse of the racing environment, and look good in the process.

Improving Commercial Products with Additive Manufacturing .jpg
Extending the useful life of commercial products with additive manufacturing

A commercial property owner was faced with the prospect of spending thousands of dollars to upgrade broken paper towel dispensers if he could not find replacements for a failing fastening clip. With the support of Tempus 3D, the parts were reverse-engineered to improve the design and manufactured with industrial 3D printing, saving time and money while extending the useful life of the existing equipment.

Using reverse engineering and 3D printing to replace consumer parts.jpg
Using digital scanning and 3D printing to repair consumer goods.

A student in the Selkirk College Digital Manufacturing Program needed to replace a broken part on a treadmill. He was able to use digital scanning and 3D printing to re-build the hard-to-find part. In the process he was able to improve the design of the original part, save money, and extend the useful life of the original equipment.

Boat Throttle Handle - replace hard-to-find parts with 3D scanning and HP MJF 3D printing
Creating replacement parts for marine applications with 3D scanning and 3D printing.

A boat owner in Trail BC broke a critical part in the throttle mechanism in his boat and was unable to source an affordable replacement. The owner was able to improve the part design and manufacture a replacement quickly and affordably, with the help of Tempus 3D's 3D scanning and additive manufacturing technology.

Replacement RV door handle 3D printed by Tempus 3D with HP Multi Jet Fusion and Nylon PA 1
RV owner re-designs and replaces a hard-to-find part for their recreational vehicle with additive manufacturing.

An RV owner had a broken exterior door handle for their RV which had become brittle over time due to exposure to the elements and extended use, and they were unable to find a replacement. They also wanted to upgrade the design to strengthen the areas that had failed. They approached Tempus 3D for a solution.

Spark Laser reduces time to market and development costs with industrial 3D printing.

Spark Laser was able to transition seamlessly from product development to lon-demand manufacturing when releasing their new commercial laser cutter, with the help of Tempus 3D's industrial 3D printing service. 

Airforce Velocity Stacks uses industry 4.0 to super charge product development.

Airforce Velocity Stacks needed to design and test a throttle body and was looking for a local manufacturer to collaborate with on the project. With the help of Tempus 3D and their design and production partners, Airforce was able to create a prototype robust enough to test in real-world conditions and achieve their development goals, quickly and affordably.

DustRam optimizes it's manufacturing of dustless tile removal tools with PA12 and Multi Jet Fusion technology
DustRam optimizes it's manufacturing of dustless tile removal tools with PA12 and Multi Jet Fusion technology.

Learn how DustRam uses Multi Jet Fusion technolgy to reduce production time, lower costs, build lighter parts and get ahead of the competition with their dustless tile chipping hammers.

Back brace 3D printed by Tempus 3D with HP Multi Jet Fusion and Nylon PA 12.jpg
3D printed medical back brace

A medical services innovator based in Montreal, Quebec approached Tempus 3D with a back brace design to build. They were looking for a manufacturer with the capacity to build the large pieces with material suitable for medical devices. Tempus delivered a custom solution in collaboration with experts at HP and Hawkridge Systems.

3D printed chain link lifts a car_edited.jpg
How strong are 3D printed parts?

HP put industrial 3D printing to the test by lifting a 1995 Avalon with a 3D printed chain link produced using HP’s new Multi Jet Fusion™ technology. The chain was printed in under an hour and weighs just 0.25 pounds. Check out this video to see how it performed.

Lecor ball valve - alleviate supply chain issues and improve part design with HP Multi Jet
Ledcor ball valve replacement

Ledcor was facing a 6-month delay when sourcing a ball valve needed for their road surfacing operations, and approached Tempus 3D to help manufacture a replacement. Ledcore required design upgrades to improve part performance and a quick delivery time. Tempus 3D collaborated with their development network to deliver a solution, on-time and on-spec.

Dri Cities launches new product with the t=help of Tempus 3D's local manufacturing service
Dri-Cities uses industry-leading 3D printing technology to bring their innovative waterproofing solution to market.

Dri Cities was looking for a manufacturing option that could produce prototypes and low-volume production runs of their innovative waterproofing product. Tempus 3D was able to provide an affordable, high-quality product with quick turnaround and on-demand manufacturing with HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology. 

The Haf-Clip gets their product to market in record time with HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology

The Haf-Clip was looking for a manufacturing partner to help bring their product idea to reality. Learn how Tempus 3D was able to help them meet their production goals, quickly and affordably.

Medical headset 3D printed with HP Multi Jet Fusion and nylon PA 12 - courtesy of HP and C
CGX uses Multi Jet Fusion technology to create innovative designs, simplify supply chain, and reduce time to market.

Learn how CGX Systems used HP MJF technology to design, develop and manufacture it's electroencephalogram (EEG) headsets.

Transforming prosthetics and orthotics production with digital manufacturing and industrial 3D printing

Digital manufacturing had revolutionized the production of custom orthotics and prosthetics, resulting in increased innovation, production speed, fit and function while lowering overall cost and material waste. Learn more about how industrial 3D printing has transformed the manufacturing of medical devices.

The value of additive manufacturing in the automotive industry

The automotive industry has been transformed by additive manufacturing over the past decade. 3D printers are aiding in design and development, accelerating the assembly process, creating complex parts, enhancing measurement and testing, and providing customization solutions across the range of the development process.

IBC Jig 3.jpg
IBC Technologies enables innovation in collaboration with BC 3D printing service bureau.

IBC Technologies was designing a jig to help assemble fan parts for a commercial boiler. They were looking for a local manufacturer which was able to quickly build low-cost, functional prototypes and manufacture the final design. Learn how Tempus 3D was able to support IBC through the design and manufacturing process with  industrial 3D printing technology and expertise. 

Part Consolidation - save time and money with additive manufacturing.png
The advantages of part consolidation with additive manufacturing

One of the many benefits of additive manufacturing is the ability to build forms not possible with traditional manufacturing. Learn how the freedom of design inherent in additive manufacturing has enabled HP and Aerosport to consolidate multi-part assemblies to lower production time to 24 hours, lower costs up to 95% in costs and reduce weight up to 90% while improving part functionality.

3D printed lug redesign for lumber industry.png
Kalesnikoff Lumber leverages 3D printing to alleviate supply chain challenges, reduce down time, and improve productivity.

Kalesnikoff Lumber was looking for a local manufacturer to re-design and build affordable lumber guides that were robust enough for industrial use.  Learn how Selkirk Technology Access Center and Tempus 3D were able to help them produce an improved design with industrial plastics and commercial 3D printing technology.

copper plated eagle skull.jpg
Symbolic copper-plated eagle skull shows the potential of digital manufacturing to make the impossible possible.

A First Nations group wanted to create a copper replica of a delicate eagle skull and approached Tempus 3D for a solution. The team at Tempus collaborated with a network of professionals with advanced digital manufacturing capability produce a beautiful result.

DfAM - Screen with HP 3D SmartStream - Credit to HP (2).jpg
Benefits of industrial 3D printing for manufacturing and design.

Learn about the benefits of 3D printing for manufacturing and design, and how Tempus can support your team to leverage industrial 3D printing to gain a competitive advantage.

Ultrasint TPU01 Thermoplastic Polypropylene
Ultrasint TPU - a robust, flexible material designed for the real world.

TPU is a versatile thermoplastic made by BASF with rubber-like properties, which is ideal for the production of parts requiring shock absorption, energy return or flexibility. 

Compare HP Multi Jet Fusion prints up to 10x fster than comparative 3D printing technology
How does Multi Jet Fusion compare to other 3D printing processes?

The HP Multi Jet Fusion printing process has several distinct advantages over comparable 3D printing processes including speed, affordability, and overall quality of the materials produced with this process. 

Selkirk Technology Access Centre (STAC)
Tempus 3D expands its Additive Manufacturing service with Selkirk Technology Access Centre (STAC) collaboration.

Tempus 3D and Selkirk Technology Access Centre (STAC) collaborate to  broaden the technology and expertise available to both Selkirk and Tempus for a stronger product and service offering.

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