HP Multi Jet Fusion 

+/- 0.3
mm part tolerances

min. 5 day
lead time

380 x 285 x 380
mm build size 

Volume production of end-use parts

There are many types of 3D printing available, but to be able to economically and reliably produce one to tens of thousands of parts in engineering grade material, Multi Jet Fusion technology is the logical choice. The speed of production, level of detail, affordability, and overall quality of the end product is unparalleled in the industry.

Tempus 3D prints in-house with the HP Multi Jet Fusion 5200 because it's unbeatable combination of speed, cost and quality makes it the perfect fit for on-demand manufacturing of functional prototypes and end-use plastic parts, on-time and on-budget.

HP Jet Fusion certification (1) transpar

Tempus 3D is certified by HP for Part Quality Optimization for Multi Jet Fusion.

How does Multi Jet Fusion work?

mjf-3d-printing-sm video.gif

Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) is a Powder Bed Fusion technology designed by HP for manufacturing end-use plastic parts. This unique printing process produces parts with high density and low porosity, with excellent mechanical properties and an exceptionally smooth surface straight out of the printer, requiring minimal post-production finishing. This means short lead times, ideal for functional prototypes and small- to medium-production runs of engineering grade end-use parts. Additional post-production treatment can enhance the surface finish and performance of the parts.

Ideal applications for Multi Jet Fusion

wheel motor printed with HP PA12
Functional prototyping

MJF is ideal for building prototypes that can be tested in real-world applications for form, fit and function. 

Low- to mid-volume production

Multi Jet Fusion is up to 10x faster than it's competitors, making it an affordable alternative to injection molding.

Mass customization

MJF is a popular choice for industries where customization is important, such as medical and consumer goods.

Multi Jet Fusion materials

HP Nylon PA12

HP Nylon PA12 is by far the most popular material choice for Multi Jet Fusion because of it's excellent mechanical properties, fine detail, and affordability. Nylon PA12 is water tight, air tight, is resistant to chemicals and is certified biocompatible. It is ideal for functional prototypes and end-use applications, used in a wide variety of industries including automotive, aerospace, medical and consumer goods. 

Available surface finishes for Nylon PA12

Black dye

Gives an engineering grade finish with a matte look and feel.

bead blasted PA12.jpg
Mechanical smoothing

Smooth, consistent finish with no loss of dimensional accuracy.

Chemical smoothing

Smooth finish comparable to injection molded parts.


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