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Nylon PA12 Color

HP Multi Jet Fusion

HP 3D High Reusability CB PA12
Produce engineering-grade parts that combine excellent material properties of Nylon PA12 with full CMYK color. Ideal for functional prototypes or manufacturing end-use parts such as presentation models, consumer goods, jigs, fixtures, and medical devices. Full color Nylon 12 is 3D printed with HP Multi Jet Fusion technology and allows very complex geometries and thin features.

Note: files must be in a .3mf format if full color is needed.
HP Jet Fusion 580 color - heart of Jamma, courtesy of Phoenix Children's hospital 450 x 45

Key Benefits

  • Strong, high-density parts with near-isometric properties on x-y and z axes.

  • Fine detail and dimensional accuracy.

  • Excellent chemical resistance to oils, greases, alphalitic hydrocarbons, and alkalies.

  • Meets biocompatibility certifications including ISO 10993 and US FDA guidance for Intact Skin Surface Devices.


  • Functional prototypes and end-use parts.

  • Small- to medium-volume manufacturing.

  • Complex assemblies and assembled parts.

  • Sales, marketing and exhibition models.

  • Bio-compatible and medical applications.

Available Surface Finishes

Natural (raw) finish

After the part has been printed it is ready for end-use applications with no further processing. The part has a grainy look and feel. 

A chemical vapor is used to smooth the surface of the part. Smoothing will make the colors more vibrant and can also enhance material properties and water resistance.

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HP MJF full color PA12 - natural vs vapor smoothed finish JPEG.jpg

Design Guidelines​

Build volume

Max build volume: Up to 332 x 190 x 248 mm (13.1" x 7.5" x 9.8")

Min build volume: 4 x 4 x 1 m or x + y + z > 9mm (10 x 10 x 10 if vapor smoothed)

The bounding box is based on the build volume of the 3D printer. Large parts may be re-oriented to fit the bounding box. For oversize parts, consider re-designing as a multi-part assembly.

Wall thickness

Supported wall thickness min: 0.4 mm (natural), 1.5 mm (smooth)

Unsupported wall thickness min: 0.5 mm (natural), 1.5 mm (smooth)

A supported wall is connected on at least 2 sides of the wall. 


Supported wires min: 0.8 mm (natural), 1.5 mm (smooth)

Unsupported wires min: 0.9 mm (natural), 1.5 mm (smooth)

A wire is a feature that is thinner in its unconnected directions than its length. A supported wire is connected on at least 2 sides, and an unsupported wire is connected on only one side. 


Min embossed details: 0.2 mm high & wide (natural), 0.5 mm (smooth), 0.4 mm (text, logos, icons)

Min engraved details: 0.2 mm deep & wide (natural), 0.4 mm (smooth), 0.4 mm (text, logos, icons)

For text the ratio between width and depth should be 1:1. Sans-serif fonts provide better results.

Escape holes 

Single escape hole diameter (min): 4.0 mm (natural), 10 mm (smooth)

Multiple escape hole diameter (min): 2.0 mm (natural), 8.0 mm (smooth)

Escape holes are used to empty support material from a hollow model. Having two escape holes at opposite ends of the model is optimal for removing the support material. For larger models or more complex geometries it is recommended and make the escape holes bigger or add more escape holes as needed.


Min 0.6 mm (natural), 5.0 mm (smooth)

Clearance is the space between two individual parts in a model. This is important to consider with moving parts, such as hinges and gears.


2 mm thick, attached on at least 2 places per part

Sprues are wires that connect two or more parts. There should be at least two sprues connecting each part. You may need larger sprues for larger pieces.

Interlocking and enclosed parts

Natural: interlocking and enclosed parts are possible.

Smooth: Interlocking and enclosed parts will most likely fuse together in the vapor smoothing process.

HP Sprues_edited.jpg
Design considerations​

  • Save full-color files in .vmrl file format to capture both geometry and model color. Please note that .vmrl files are not currently recognized by our instant quoting system, these need to be provided as a separate file to the production team.

  • Please note that black and dark colors will not appear true to color due to limitations of the printing technology.

  • Consider hollowing or adding internal lattice structure to large solid pieces to improve accuracy and minimize cost. 

  • Hinges, sockets, and linked parts can be integrated into the design. See our design guide for details.​

  • For guidance in creating a colorful 3D printed part in Solidworks showing a stress analysis, visit this article by our friends at Hawkridge Systems.


View full design guidelines


Technical Specifications


Natural: +/- 0.38 mm (XY plane), +/- 0.5 mm in the z plane 

Smooth: +/- 0.45 mm (XY plane), +/- 0.52 mm in the z plane 

Layer thickness

0.08 mm


1.30 g/cm3 (0.016 lb/in3)

Tensile modulus 

1600 MPa (XY), 1700 MPa (Z)

Tensile strength

 46 MPa

Elongation at break

20% (XY), 14% (Z)

Promotional Products

Mass-produce fully customized promotional products, for yourself or your clients.

promotional products 3D printed with HP Multi Jet Fusion full color nylon 12 1530x970.jpeg



HP MJF Color 3D Printer

Produce brilliant, full-color functional parts while maintaining optimal mechancial properties. Suitable for functional prototypes and end-use  manufacturing.

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