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Gain a Competitive Advantage with Industrial 3D Printing

An increasing number of companies are embracing 3D printing as a strategic and cost-effective approach to manufacturing products. Among the many benefits are savings in cost of production, time to manufacture, quick iteration of prototypes, mass customization, and rapid delivery.

Key Benefits of Industrial 3D Printing

Accelerated time to market. Reduce time-to-market from months to days.

Mass customization and personalization. Provide custom parts and products quickly and easily.

Single-step manufacturing. Intricate parts can be built in one step, including complex geometries and embedded parts like hinges and ball joints.

Cost. Additive Manufacturing is a low-cost alternative to traditional manufacturing, especially for low-to mid-volume production runs, complex geometries or multi-part components.

Local manufacturing. Avoid the delay and expense of importing parts from overseas or shipping long distances.

Quality assurance. Tempus 3D has quality control processes and specialized equipment to ensure parts consistently meet specifications and certification standards.

How Tempus 3D can help you meet your manufacturing goals

Tempus 3D is an Additive Manufacturing Service Bureau serving Western Canada and beyond. Tempus uses the latest 3D printing technologies to turn your concepts into reality, whether you need quick builds, functional prototyping, or full production of end-use parts. Our latest investment is HP’s Multi Jet Fusion 5200, a 3D printer designed for the industrial sector. The HP 5200 uses high-performance plastics to produce strong, low-cost, detailed, complex parts with best-in-class economics and productivity. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you meet your production goals or visit our website at


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