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Tempus 3D is a proud member of HP's elite Digital Manufacturing Network

A Proud Member of HP's Digital Manufacturing Network

Tempus 3D is proud to be fully qualified by HP as a Digital Manufacturing Network partner. Tempus is one of only a few manufacturers in Canada to have achieved this exclusive certification.

As a partner, HP has recognized Tempus 3D’s ability to manufacture high-quality parts at scale. Customers can now work directly with Tempus to quickly scale up part production using HP’s industrial-grade Multi Jet Fusion (MJF) 3D printing technology. This technology is designed to manufacture parts that are extremely strong, highly accurate, and with a surface finish that makes them ideal for mechanical testing and production manufacturing.

With MJF technology Tempus can help customers speed time to market and mass-produce produce 3D printed parts with complete confidence in quality, while remaining cost-competitive compared to other 3D printing technologies and traditional manufacturing methods.

We look forward to working with new customers as part of the HP digital manufacturing network, and providing the tools for Canadians to join the manufacturing revolution with next-generation technology. You can learn more about Tempus 3D's products and services on our website at, or use our online quote and ordering system to compare prices, get a custom quote or order online.

Hp Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing materials


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