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The Environmental Benefits of 3D Printing

As global citizens we are looking for tangible and real ways to minimize our impact on the planet. 3D printing has the potential to drastically lower the environmental impact of manufacturing. At Tempus 3D we believe we have an important opportunity and responsibility towards the environment around us, as well as to the greater community we live in and collaborate with.

How 3D Printing Helps the Environment

Tempus 3D is committed to protecting the environment by developing and implementing sustainable manufacturing approaches. Keep reading to learn more about how 3D printing is a sustainable solution for the manufacturing industry across sectors:

Jet Fusion 3D Printing

Using Jet Fusion 3D printing, Tempus 3D is proud to provide our customers with a manufacturing approach that reduces waste, lowers carbon emissions and footprint, and that supports a circular economy. 3D printing reduces manufacturing waste through a paradigm-shifting additive manufacturing approach. At Tempus 3D we utilize the HP Multi Jet Fusion 5200. This cutting-edge technology has industry-leading material re-usability and has operator training and quality control processes that minimize the chance of parts rejected due to being out of specification.

Additive vs Subtractive Manufacturing

The traditional approach to manufacturing requires beginning with a large piece of material and cutting

away parts until you have your desired outcome. 3D printing builds the part layer by layer, from the ground up. This new approach results in far less waste, reduces environmental impacts and, as a bonus, saves money.

Minimizing Supply Chain

Tempus 3D is pleased to help our customers lower their carbon footprint by eliminating convoluted manufacturing assembly lines and supply chains. By localizing our supply chain, we are reducing both the environmental impact and manufacturing risks associated with transportation and complex supply chains. Finally, Tempus 3D's industry-leading technology means consumers will be able to print their parts, fix their products, minimize inventory, and create longevity in products. 3D printing has the potential to dramatically decrease the number of products ending up in landfills.

To learn more about the potential of 3D printing for your business and how you can help minimize the impact your manufacturing has on the environment, contact us today.


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