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The Haf-Clip gets their product to market in record time with a Canadian 3D printing company

The Haf-Clip is a business based in Vancouver, BC which creates products for the recreational sports industry, specifically mountain biking. The founder of the company designed a system for riders to carry helmets and other gear on their bicycle handlebars, and needed a manufacturer to produce final prototypes for real-world testing and produce low-to-medium volume production runs once the design was finalized.

The Haf-Clip wanted to work with a local manufacturer that could quickly produce affordable, functional prototypes to test their design and provide on-demand manufacturing of their end-product. An associate recommended Tempus 3D, because of it’s expertise in industrial 3D printing and ability to access a variety of materials and manufacturing technologies with low-up-front cost and quick turnaround.

After an initial consultation to determine the company’s manufacturing requirements, the experts at Tempus were able to recommend a variety of materials to test, including Nylon PA12, TPU flexible polymer, and machined aluminum. The first functional prototypes were produced with their in-house HP Multi Jet Fusion 5200 3D printer, which is capable of rapidly producing affordable industrial-strength plastics at a low cost per part. This allowed the Haf-clip to quickly test their product in real-world environments, and once the proof-of-concept was validated they were able to use the same technology to manufacture their initial production run of 250 nylon parts within weeks of the first prototype being built.

As The Haf Clip continues to see increasing demand for their products Tempus 3D is there to help them scale and meet their needs. With the ability to produce from 1-1000+ parts within days of ordering, Tempus can ensure that The Haf-Clip can easily fulfill any customer order on an as-needed basis with a consistently low cost per part, eliminating the need to pre-order or maintain an inventory of parts.

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