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Understanding the 3D Printing Supply chain

One of the greatest advantages of 3D printing is that it simplifies the supply chain. By localizing the supply chain, manufacturers have greater control of their production timelines and materials, and they will lower their environmental impact. Tempus 3D is proud to support manufacturers and designers with mass-produce engineering-grade plastic parts. With printing speeds up to 10x faster than comparable technologies, our Multi Jet Fusion technology is a popular choice for the transition between prototyping and mass production of end-use parts.

What is a Localized Supply Chain?

A localized supply chain means lowering the carbon footprint of the manufacturing process by eliminating convoluted manufacturing assembly lines and transportation of parts and materials. By localizing the Tempus 3D supply chain, we are reducing both the environmental impact and manufacturing risks associated with transportation and complex supply chains. Localizing the supply chain will also mean that by utilizing new technologies, consumers will one day be able to print their parts, fix their products, and create longevity in products. 3D printing has the potential to dramatically decrease the number of products ending up in landfills.

Simplifying the Supply Chain

The supply chain for part production is more than just materials, it also includes labour and production tools. Traditionally when a designer chose to make changes or innovations to a part or product, it would require dramatic increases in the cost of labour and other production elements such as jigs and molds. These production tools would need to be made or re-made based on the new specs. 3D printing has eliminated these unnecessary and prohibitive costs. Using 3D printing technology designers can now efficiently make digital design changes, and with the push of a button, they can create a functional prototype without the creation of production tools. By simplifying the supply chain, not only can parts be manufactured more efficiently without material delays, but they can not be altered and updated more cost effectively and efficiently.

The Advantages of Single Step Manufacturing Using 3D Printing

Tempus 3D understands that when you are designing or altering a part or product, it is essential to do so as efficiently as possible. Single-step manufacturing is the solution to this challenge. This manufacturing approach means a producer can eliminate the time consuming and expensive multistep processes used in traditional manufacturing. By using a single step additive manufacturing approach, the ability to create a prototype is drastically simplified, minimizing the investment, time, and risk required to prove a concept, part, or product. The single step manufacturing capability will also eliminate the costs associated with various trades required in traditional manufacturing and post-manufacturing assembly.

To learn more about how Tempus 3D can help you to eliminate costly and inefficient supply chain challenges and produce your next part or product utilizing single step manufacturing, contact us today!

Additive Manfuacturing options with Tempus 3D


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