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On-Demand Manufacturing of Custom Orthotics and Prosthetics

Trusted by Medical Device Manufacturers

Tempus 3D provides on-demand manufacturing of custom orthotics and prosthetics for medical professionals and clinics in Canada and the US. With in-house expertise, medical grade materials and industrial 3D printing capability, Tempus delivers consistently high-quality results, quickly and affordably.

About Tempus 3D's Orthotics and Prosthetics 3D Print Service

Advanced Technology and Materials

Medical-grade materials are manufactured with HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology, to produce products that are robust, precise and biocompatible.

Competitive Pricing 

Tempus 3D offers competitive pricing to our corporate clients, including volume discounts and preferred client agreements. 

Online Quote and Ordering

Get instant pricing and lead times in a matter of clicks. Complete your order online for rapid delivery, or request a custom quote for special orders.

On-Time and On-Spec

Tempus 3D's rapid order fulfillment and quality assurance processes ensure you get your products on-time and on-spec.

Quality Assurance Guarantee

Tempus 3D's team of experts completes on-demand 3D printing of custom orthotics and prosthetics, which are backed by a quality guarantee.

Local Manufacturing 

Tempus is one of only a few HP-certified Production Professionals in Canada, with in-house manufacturing backed by a network of specialists..

Recommended Materials

Tempus 3D provides a variety of robust, biocompatible materials suitable for medical devices.

Custom orthotics manufactured with Nylon 12 in Canada
Nylon 12
  • Robust, all-purpose material with excellent material properties.

  • Most cost-effective with quickest delivery.

  • Medical grade

  • Biocompatible

Custom orthotics manufactured with Nylon 11 in Canada
Nylon 11
  • Strong, ductile, functional parts.

  • High elongation-at-break. 

  • Renewable material made of castor oil.

  • Medical grade

  • Biocompatible

Custom orthotics manufactured with flexible TPU in Canada
Flexible TPU
  • Strong, flexible, rubber-like parts.

  • Excellent for shock absorbtion, elasticity, and rebound.

  • Durable

  • Medical grade

  • Biocompatible

Custom orthotics manufactured with Nylon 12 white in Canada
Nylon 12 White
  • Material properties comparable to Nylon PA12. 

  • Pure white material is easy to dye or paint in light, bright colors.

  • Medical grade

  • Biocompatible

Finishing Options

manufacture custom orthotics in Canada
Raw Finish

Parts have a raw finish after they are taken out of the printer and cleaned. They are ready to use as-is, or can have additional surface finishing to improve looks or performance. Parts with a raw finish may have residual powder or uneven color.

3d printed orthotics and prosthetics - black dye
Black Dye

Black dye is used to enhance the appearance and finish of the parts. They are submerged in a dye bath to apply the color. Black dye can be used on its own or in conjunction with other finishing processes, such as vapor smoothing.

digital manufacturign of custom orthotics and prosthetics - vapor smoothing
Vapor Smoothing

Vapor Smoothing uses a chemical polishing process which improves surface finish, seals surfaces, and improves material properties. Black dye is recommended with vapor smoothing to improve color uniformity.     ​Learn More

manufacture orthotics and prosthetics with HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing
Industrial 3D Printing 

Tempus 3D uses the HP Multi Jet Fusion 5200 3D printer for all our medical-grade materials.

  • Designed for low-to-mid volume production of end-use parts.

  • Dimensional accuracy of +/- 0.3%.

  • Excellent material qualities.

  • Used by manufacturers such as CGX, ortho-team, ActivArmor, Edser, Volkswagen, BMW.

orthotics and prosthetics manufacturing in Canada
Biocompatibility testing and results for HP 3D printing materials

Learn more about the biocompatibility of HP 3D printing materials to help choose the appropriate material for your application.


Looking for a local manufacturer for your medical supplies? 

Tempus 3D is an Additive Manufacturing Service Bureau serving Western Canada with quick overnight delivery and competitive pricing. We use state-of-the-art HP MJF 5200 technology that allows for mass customization and production scale 3D printing. 

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