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Innovation Funding Opportunity for Entrepreneurs from Tech-Access Canada

Good day fellow entrepreneurs,

The team at Tempus 3D wanted to share an opportunity that may be of interest to companies involved in technological innovation.

Tech-Access Canada is a non-profit organization that supports the pan-Canadian network of 60 Technology Access Centres (TACs). They are currently offering an Interactive Visit Initiative (iVisit) that offers small businesses the opportunity to work with one of Canada’s 60 Technology Access Centres (TACs) to solve an innovation challenge. The areas they focus on include:

  • Evaluating technical/economic feasibility of new products, processes, or services.

  • Short-term R&D assistance and prototype development.

  • Providing access to cutting-edge technology a company doesn’t have in-house.

  • Providing objective scientific, technical, and business advice.

Canada's TAC's are applied research and development centers affiliated with publicly-funded colleges. These centers are designed to help small businesses get more innovative and productive.

Tempus 3D works in collaboration with the Selkirk Technology Access Center on a variety of projects, but depending on your location you may want to connect with a TAC closer to home.

If you think that this opportunity would be of value to your company you can visit Tech Access Canada to learn more about the Interactive Visit program or submit an application form. We have provided links below.

Hope this helps some of you with your research and development projects, and if not feel free to pass this on if you know someone this program may be of value to.

Keep innovating,

From the team at Tempus 3D

Interactive Visit Request Form


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