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Kalesnikoff optimizes their workflow and alleviates supply chain issues with industrial 3D printing

Kalesnikoff Lumber is a mass timber manufacturer located in southern BC which manufactures specialty timber products for the international market. Kalesnikoff was experiencing unnecessary downtime due to the need to replace lumber guides (also called lugs) which were experiencing high wear-and-tear and would need to be replaced on a regular basis. The lugs, made of machined aluminum, were expensive to repalce and were hard to source due to supply chain issues. In addition, as the lugs wore out they would become loose and get struck by saw blades, which would cause catastrophic failure of the part and could also result in damage to other elements on the production line. This damage can result in costly downtime while the parts are repaired or replaced.

Kalesnikoff approached the team at the Selkirk Technology Access Centre (STAC) located in Trail, BC to develop a solution. The team at STAC reverse engineered and re-designed the lugs to improve performance, and recommended they manufacture the part with 3D printed industrial-grade plastic. This material and manufacturing method is far more affordable than machined aluminum, has similar resistance to wear-and-tear, and also produces far less waste in the manufacturing process. STAC had the final part manufactured by Tempus 3D, a local company that specializes in industrial 3D printing. Tempus printed the part in Nylon PA-12 using HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology, which is specifically designed to produce strong, durable end-use parts for commercial use. An added benefit of using a local manufacturer was low shipping costs and the ability to print replacement parts as needed, eliminating the need to maintain a large inventory of replacement parts.

In collaboration with STAC and Tempus 3D, Kalesnikoff Lumber was able to reduce their downtime with an improved product, save manufacturing costs with industrial 3D printing technology, and reduce their supply chain risk by using a local manufacturer. Their collaborative approach to the problem also fosters innovation in the region and supports local business, resulting in more sustainable long-term business practices.

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