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3D Scanning for Reverse Engineering, Metrology, and Computer Aided Inspection

3D scanning provides the user with extremely accurate measurements and the ability to fully utilise, visualise and modify data with CAD software. 3D scanning is used in a wide range of applications including developing new product designs, taking precise measurements of objects with complex geometries, designing custom medical devices, digitizing items or products for legacy files, and more. The ability to rapidly capture high accuracy information means vast savings in productivity and time.

What are the benefits of 3D scanning in industrial applications?

There are numerous benefits to industrial 3D scanning, including:

Broaden your design capabilities: Use models from the real world as a baseline to create CAD models that can be modified or adapted to fit your needs. Accelerate your time to market: Scan prototypes, parts, tooling, or other objects and use the file as a baseline create designs quickly and easily.​ Replace or repair legacy parts: Scan legacy parts and store the digital files until needed, then build on demand with CAD-based manufacturing such as 3D printing or CNC milling. Create a perfect fit: Scan an object to use as a baseline to create jigs, molds, casings, or assemblies that fit precisely.

Extend the bounds of possibility: Create products that can not be made without scanning and digital editing, such as custom devices that perfectly fit the human body. Streamline your manufacturing: Add 3D scanning to your design and manufacturing process so you can do more work faster. Quality assurance and inspections: Using the 3D scan data, our reporting and analysis tools will tell you exactly what the “as-built” condition is and how much it varies from the pristine, “as-designed” CAD model. Simplify documentation and reporting: Easily archive or inventory legacy parts, create a BOM, or create a digital library of parts to manufacture on demand.

Visit our site to learn more about about Tempus 3D's 3D scanning capabilities, reverse engineering, quality inspection and scan-to-CAD services.


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