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Airforce Velocity Stacks supercharges product development with industry 4.0

Airforce Velocity Stacks is an Alberta-based business that produces custom snowbike intakes for customers across North America. Airforce was re-designing a throttle body to boost engine performance and was looking for a local manufacturer that could support them to design and produce prototypes that were precise and robust enough to test in real-life conditions, but affordable enough to make multiple design iterations to compare different options. Airforce approached Tempus 3D for a solution.

Tempus 3D collaborated with their design and manufacturing network to help with the re-design and manufacturing of the throttle body prototype for Airforce. To start, the original part had to be digitized and converted to an editable CAD file. This task was completed by the team at the Selkirk Technology Access Center (STAC) using their commercial laser scanner and CAD design software. The CAD file was used to create prototypes of the desired design upgrades with the support of Tempus 3D’s design partner, Bruce Fitz-Earle.

The final prototype was 3D printed by Tempus 3D on their HP Multi Jet Fusion 5200 using Nylon PA12. Nylon PA12 is ideal for creating functional prototypes because it is affordable yet tough, resilient, and is resistant to moisture and chemicals. HP MJF 3D printers are designed for commercial use, producing plastic parts with the precision, density and uniformity required to create an accurate design and stand up to testing in a real-world environment.

The accuracy and quality provided with HP MJF 3D printer allowed for the parts to be fit onto bikes for not just dyno testing in the shop, but for performance testing on the track and in the mountains. The team at Airforce were able to put the prototypes through a range of testing in a condensed time period that would have been impossible using other manufacturing techniques and materials.

Airforce was able to get their product to market quickly and affordably with the support of the design and manufacturing network available through Tempus 3D. Airforce, Tempus, and Tempus' development partners continue to work together developing new and innovative products using some of the most sophisticated advanced manufacturing tools. As Airforce continues to invest in innovation Tempus 3D will be there to help them with prototyping and design, and get their products from concept to market in record time.

With Tempus’ location in the interior of British Columbia it is uniquely capable of serving the Canadian market with local manufacturing and design services. Our online quote and ordering system provides quick and easy access to instant ordering or custom quotes. We at Tempus feel this is just the beginning of what manufacturing will look like in the future; responsive, local and customized manufacturing solutions allowing innovators across sectors to bring products to market quicker and in a more environmentally friendly way.

Check out the full case study to learn how Airforce Velocity Stacks was able to accelerate their innovation and achieve their product development goals with the support of Tempus 3D's manufacturing network, at

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