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Dri-Cities collaborates with Tempus 3D to bring their innovative waterproofing solution to market.

Dri-Cities Waterproofing Solutions is a company based in Vancouver, BC which has been in the building maintenance industry for over 30 years, specializing in caulking high-rise buildings and tilt-ups. Over the years they developed an innovative caulking solution, and wanted to produce it commercially for sale. Dri-cities was looking for a local manufacturer to provide on-demand manufacturing of their product, which could scale with their needs. They produed their initial parts with 3D printing, but found that the technology could produce one part at a time and had issues with consistency, making mass manufacturing a challenge. Conversely, injection molding was prohibitively expensive for low-to mid-volume manufacturing, and slow to deliver. Dri-Cities perferred a local service provider that could provide high-quality, affordabe parts, and was capable of seamlessly scaling from prototypes to low-volume production of end-use parts. They approached Tempus 3D for a solution.

Tempus 3D specializes in supporting Canadian buisnesses to transition from prototyping through low-volume production of industrial-grade plastic parts. Dri-Cities chose to produce their parts with Nylon 12 for it's strength, durability, and resistance to moisture and chemicals. Tempus produced the parts using HP Multi Jet Fusion technology because of it's ability to quickly produce low-to-mid volume production runs of high-quality industrial plastics at a low cost per part.

Within days of ordering, Dri-Cities received their first prototypes and sample parts. Once the prototypes were tested and validated, a low-volume production run was used to produce samples for initial discussions with distribution partners across North America, and provide initial inventory for sale. Dri-Cities now has their product released to the market for commercial sale.

Industrial 3D printing allowed Dri-Cities to refine their prototype in an extremely cost-effective manner, and once proven they were able to go to market with an initial product without investing a substantial amount of money in inventory and still maintaining a profit margin.

As Dri-Cities continues to see increasing demand for their products Tempus is there to help them scale and meet their needs. Additive manufacturing with industrial 3D printing technology gives Dri-Cities the flexibility to order parts as needed, upgrade the design as needed without increasing cost, and maintain very competitve pricing for themselves and their customers.

Read the full case study to learn more about Dri-Cities' success story, or visit Tempus 3D to explore the benefits of manufacturing with inustrial 3D printing technology.


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